Sky Frog - Your All in One Logistics Solution

In recent years, there has been a major increase in the number of suppliers offering vehicle tracking solutions. On the surface, the providers may appear to offer similar services, but on closer inspection, there are almost always significant differences in terms of functionality and overall service provision.

Why Sky Frog?

There are many reasons to consider investing in vehicle tracking, but our customers’ most frequently cited reasons include:

  • Improve efficiency with powerful route management scheduling & dispatch optimization.
  • Increase customer satisfactions.
  • Real time visibility & Communication.
  • Greener & Economical driving.

Sky Frog is a delivery device management system that helps you with route management, scheduling & dispatching with real time visibility and communication.

Sky Frog is a Windows Mobile and cloud based software service provided by Simat Technologies, PCL using a Motorola ES400 Smartphone. It consists of three services:

1. Proof of delivery (POD).
2. Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking of vehicles.
3. Walkie Talkie or Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality using a data connection instead of voice.

A Motorola ES400 handset and mobile internet connection is required to use the service.

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