Sky Frog is a Windows Mobile and cloud based software service provided by Simat Technologies, PCL using a Motorola ES400 Handheld. It consists of three services:

  1. Proof of delivery (POD)
  2. Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking of vehicles
  3. Walkie Talkie or Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality using a data connection instead of voice

A Motorola ES400 handset and mobile internet connection is required to use the service.

Main Features

  1. GPS Tracking of Vehicles
  2. Track the route history of vehicles for up to 30 days
  3. Assign and manage jobs in real-time
  4. Provides times stamped Proof of Delivery with a signature or image capture
  5. Directions and traffic information
  6. Add Points of Interest such as petrol/gas stations, restaurants, etc
  7. Walkie Talkie/Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication using a data connection rather than voice
  8. Track fuel costs and excessive speeding
  9. Vehicle ignition detection system (Note: Requires optional Bluetooth ignition detection accessory)

Windows Mobile Software


Proof of Delivery

The Proof of Delivery software is capable of receiving jobs automatically and creating directions to a job pick up and delivery point. It requires a mobile internet connection to provide direction functionality. When a job has been completed the user can send proof of delivery (time stamped signature and/or photo) back to the main office through the Sky Frog cloud based service. The software also features a refuelling function. Users are able to enter the amount of fuel (litres), cost and take a photo of the odometer. When this information is saved it is automatically sent to the Sky Frog cloud based service.

GPS Tracking

The GPS Tracking Software is used to connect to the cloud based Sky Frog service to enable real-time tracking of vehicles at the main office. It features a numeric speedometer display to allow a user to monitor their speed. Other features include an icon to quickly open the PTT software and an icon to display if a vehicle ignition detection system is connected or not (Note: Requires optional Bluetooth ignition detection accessory). A basic compass and trip counter is also provided for simple guidance and job reporting.

Walkie Talkie

The walkie talkie or PTT service can be used to quickly communicate with other Sky Frog enabled handheld users. A user can either communicate to another individual Sky Frog handheld or all users in a group/company. An optional external lapel speaker and microphone accessory can be attached to the Motorola ES400 handheld to enable a user to easily use the PTT service whilst driving.

Cloud Based Service


The Sky Frog cloud based service is a web browser application designed for Managers of Logistics companies. Features include the ability to:

  1. Track Sky Frog enabled Handheld’s/vehicles in real-time
  2. Monitor traffic congestion along routes taken by Sky Frog vehicles
  3. Retrace the route history of vehicles for up to 30 days
  4. Set priority jobs and send jobs to Sky Frog Handheld’s to get the “Right Worker” for the “Right Job” to the “Right Place” at the “Right Time!”
  5. Receive confirmation of jobs with photographic evidence and/or a signature
  6. Setup Points of Interest (POI) such as locations of petrol stations and garages
  7. Setup email alerts for when vehicles receive jobs at their pickup points and complete jobs at their delivery points
  8. Quickly view a report on the status of jobs, movement of vehicles and vehicle fuel costs