Skyfrog Company Limited

Skyfrog Co., Ltd. (Previous name was Simat Soft Co., Ltd.), a subsidiary of Terabyte Plus Public Company Limited. which is a part of Nex Point Plc. that is listed company on The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) since 2005 with 232 million baht in registered capital. We are the expert in technology and software development for every business, especially in transportations and logistics business.

Skyfrog Co., Ltd, all-in-one Service Provider, is not only has professional IT and Operation advisers but we are also provided suitable Software and Hardware for each specific customer’s usability. For after sales service, we have helpdesk support (24 x 7) and specialist remote support (8 x 5).

Skyfrog Co., Ltd., we are the market leader in implementing Transportation Management System (TMS) to our customers. Our SKYFROG™ TMS is developed by our internal developers team and has been implemented to more than 100 clients in Thailand and abroad. Many of them are public listed companies or big private corporations, such as TOA, Dohome, Hmpro, Pepsico, P&G, SiS Distribution, Ricoh, Hafele, Linfox, M-Senko, KerryApex, KCG, etc. Features in our TMS covers all operations from Planning (Vehicle Route Planning Optimization), Execution (Mobile Application for Drivers with Electronic Proof-of-Delivery), Tracking & Monitoring (Real-time GPS Tracking, Data Analytics Dashboards, and Reports). Our TMS can seamlessly integrate with many ERP & WMS, such as SAP S/4 HANA, SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infor, Manhattan WMS, etc. Our SKYFROG™ TMS has been proven by many customers that it can help reducing transportation cost by more than 10-20%, and some of them can break-even their investments within only 3-6 months.

Skyfrog Co., Ltd is trusted by many customers because of our reasonable price and excellent service. Our customers always recommend our products and services to others. Some customers are also welcomed those who are interested in SKYFROG to visit their site, and see how they operate with our SKYFROG™ system.

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Skyfrog Company Limited (“the Company”) is committed to strengthen personal data protection in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and relevant laws and therefore introduces these Personal Data Protection Policies to ensure the Company’s compliance with laws. In addition, the Company has established rules for the protection of personal data of data subjects and has implemented effective and appropriate measures for addressing any violations of the rights of data subjects. Our statement of policy is provided below.