Cloud service from SKYFROG helps various businesses save costs and enhance transportation efficiency.

This Cloud service enables businesses to efficiency manage transportation while saving expenses. It utilizes Cloud Computing technology, eliminating the need for businesses to invest in their servers and other infrastructure, thereby reducing costs.

The notable features of SKYFROG Web Application :

The SKYFROG Web Application is a software on a web browser that provides Cloud services from SKYFROG. It possesses notable features such as :

Real time tracking

Enables real-time monitoring of vehicle positions.

Data recording

Records vehicle tracking data such as positions, speed, direction, and time.


Sends alert users for significant events like vehicles deviating from routes or exceeding speed limits.

Setting the priority order of tasks

Allows assignment of task priorities to staff members.

Checking the status of job acceptance with photographic evidence and signatures

Validates task statuses with visual evidence and signatures.

Set Points of Interest (POI)

Sets POIs, such as specific locations of interest like parks, office buildings, malls, etc.

Real-time email notification system for confirming the status of product deliveries

Provides real-time delivery confirmation emails for vehicles nearing destinations or completing tasks.

Car Notification System

Sends alerts for vehicles deviating from routes or exceeding speed limits and for low mobile device battery.

Check reports.

Offers over 30 types of reports related to job statuses, vehicle movement, fuel consumption, and various other aspects.

SKYFROG's Cloud Service presents an efficient and cost-saving option for businesses seeking effective transportation management.